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FREE Sensodyne Fresh Mint Toothpaste Sample & FREE Dental Checkup Until 31 August 2017

Sensodyne Fresh Mint Toothpaste Free Sample Giveaway Promo

Sensodyne Malaysia Fresh Mint Toothpaste Free Sample Giveaway Promotion

Troubled by teeth sensitivity? A wide range of sensitivity triggers can bring about a twinge or tooth pain. Skipping your dental check ups could lead to worsening sensitivity symptoms. Get your online check up now!

Free Sensodyne Fresh Mint Toothpaste Sample: Try your FIRST Sensodyne Fresh Mint toothpaste for refreshing sensitivity protection.

Free Sensodyne Online Dental Check Up

  • Are you among the one in three adults suffering from sensitivity? Find out with this quick and easy online check up.
  • Do you feel a short sharp sensation in your teeth when you consume something cold, hot, sweet or sour?
  • How often do you feel this short sharp sensation in your teeth?
  • Do you avoid certain cold or hot foods and drinks to avoid this pain? (for example ice cold drinks)
  • Do you brush your teeth aggressively or consume acidic foods/drinks regularly?
You might have sensitive teeth.

Check with a dentist to confirm. Click here to get a FREE Check Up now at our participating dental clinics. Valid until 31st August 2017.

Share your Sensodyne profile to help friends find out if they have teeth sensitivity.

FREE Check Up at Dental Clinics

Dental practitioner partners: Get a FREE Check Up at your preferred dental clinic from the list. Call to make an appointment. Valid until August 2017.

Sensodyne Free Sample Promo Campaign Terms & Conditions

  1. The Sensodyne Online Check Up Campaign (“the Campaign”) is organised by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (“the Organiser”).
  2. Duration of campaign: The Campaign will run from 11:00am, 7 August 2017 to 11:59pm, 31 August 2017, (“the Campaign Period”) or any period as notified by the Organiser.
  3. Participants can access the Campaign via the tab marked “Sensodyne Online Check Up” on the Sensodyne Malaysia Facebook Page during the Campaign Period.
  4. They are required to complete a questionnaire relating to teeth sensitivity.
  5. Upon completion, each participant will receive a Sensodyne Profile that suggests whether the respective participant has teeth sensitivity.
  6. Following this, participants with Sensodyne Profile indicating teeth sensitivity may request a free Sensodyne product sample subject to stock availability, which will be couriered to participants within specified time.
  7. Participants can share their Sensodyne Profile on their Facebook timelines to invite friends to take the Sensodyne Online Check Up.

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