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FREE Personal Domino's Pizza Worth RM12.80 When You Register Online (Limited Time Promotion)

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Free Domino's Personal Pizza New Registration Promo

Domino's Malaysia Website Free Personal Pizza Register Online Sign Up Promotion

Register online now and get a free personal pizza!

How to Redeem Free Personal Domino's Pizza Online for New Registration

1. Sign Up To Order Pizza

2. Verify Your Email

From: Dominos Pizza Malaysia
Subject: Please verify your email

Dear Customer,

You have successfully registered yourself to our website. To finish setting up this account, we just need to make sure this email address is yours. It's easy - just click on the button below



The Domino's Pizza Malaysia Team

3. Sign In to 'Your Profile' tab to Get Free eCoupon (1-Month Validty)

4. Click 'Order Now' to choose a Store and Redeem eCoupon

Would You Like To Redeem This?
FREE Personal Pizza for New Registration

5. Add Personal Pizza

  • Personal Pizza Favourites (FREE)
    1. Flaming Tuna
    2. Beef Pepperoni
    3. Chicken Pepperoni
    4. Vegie Galore
    5. Smoky Beef & Chick
    6. Simply Cheese
    7. Aloha Chicken
    8. Sambal Veggie
    9. Vegie Fiesta
    10. Tuna Extreme
    11. BBQ Chicken
    12. Seafood Delight
    13. Tuna Temptation
  • Personal Pizza Classics (+RM1.50 Surcharge)
    1. Smoky Pepperoni Mushroom
    2. Extravaganzza
    3. Spicy Sambal
    4. Meat Mania
    5. Spicy Sausage
    6. Chicken Perfection
    7. Classic Chicken
    8. Classified Chicken
  • Personal Pizza First Class (+RM2.80 Surcharge)
    1. Tropical Sambal Prawn
    2. Chicken Confidential
    3. Prawn Passion
    4. Meatasaurus
    5. Ultimate Hawaiian
    6. Sambal Surf & Turf
    7. Chickensaurus
    8. Prawn Sensation
  • Personal Pizza Customize Pizza (+RM3.00 Surcharge)
Malaysia Free Domino's Pizza New Registration

6. Checkout

If you choose just only Favourites pizza which is free, you will not be able to checkout due to following restriction:
Order is not valid for checkout: Minimum order for Takeaway must be more than RM0
Hence, the cheapest way to overcome this restriction is to add a condiment: Chilli Flakes RM0.30, Tangy Cheese Dip RM0.50, Icing Dip RM0.50 or Salsa Sauce RM0.50.

After that you can choose to pay using cash at collection or online banking. Minimum order for delivery is RM20 OR one regular pizza OR 2 personal pizzas.


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