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Loudspeaker KTV Karaoke Member: RM5, Non-member: RM8 Monday - Thursday 11AM - 7PM Until 30 June 2017

大嘴叭 Loudspeaker KTV Karaoke Discount Promo

大嘴叭 Malaysia Loudspeaker KTV Karaoke CinCai Lah Discount Offer Promotion

What's for lunch?Cincai Lah📢
What movie are we watching?Cincai Lah📢
Where to karaoke? Definitely Loud Speaker! 📢📢📢
Loud Speaker proundly present you their latest promo「Cincai Lah Promo」! Come and check out our latest promo as long as RM5!

Loud Speaker Discount Promo Terms & Conditions

  • Hi there, like mentioned on the poster CinCai promo only applies from May 2rd till June 30th 
  • Promo only available on Monday to Thursday 11am-7pm, Check in after 6pm only able to sing till 9pm sharp. 
  • For member is RM5, none member RM8. 
  • Monday –Thursday (EXTRA STUDENT PROMO) 6pm-9pm. Check in after 7pm only able to sing till 10pm sharp. 
  • Check in using student card = RM15 per pax, student card & member card is RM13 per pax. 
  • Per session will be three hours and Loud Speaker will then provide selected free refillable drinks after purchase. 
  • Per card entitled for per pax ONLY This offer will not be able to redeem on a public holiday and public holiday eves. Thank you.

#MalaysianLanguage #Cincailahpromo #cincailah #omg #這是大馬人最愛的口頭禪無誤 #隨便做 #loudspeakerktv #須符合條件

午飯要去哪裡吃?Cincai Lah📢
想要看哪部電影?Cincai Lah📢
大嘴叭推出「隨便做Cincai Lah Promo」讓你以最低價錢RM5盡情歡唱!保證讓您付錢也會大喊Cincai Lah!不用找錢!(逃)

📌还有还有,学生唱K优惠星期一至四6PM-9PM最低消费RM12!是RM12!放学Jio同学一起来唱K吧!Let's Go大嘴叭,开心唱卡拉!🎤

就像海报说明那样,Cincai lah优惠是在5月2日至6月30日,每个星期一至四,11am-7pm,6pm至7pm到只能唱到9pm 哦。每一位顾客可享用Rm5(会员)或Rm8(非会员)入场哦。。EXTRA PROMO = 星期一至四,6pm – 9pm,7pm至9pm到只能唱到10pm 哦。每一位顾客可享用Rm15(student card 罢了)或Rm12(Student card 和member card)入场哦。而且大嘴叭会附加一杯无限添加制定饮料哦。此优惠不能在公共假期与公共假期的前夕使用哦。谢谢。


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