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FREE Abbott CG 210 Hair & Scalp Essence Sample Giveaway

Abbott CG 210 Hair & Scalp Essence Free Sample Giveaway

Abbott Laboratories Malaysia CG 210 Hair & Scalp Essence Free Trial Sample Redemption Promotion

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  • Clinically proven patented botanical extracts
    • 400 volunteers involved in 6 clinical studies. 2 publications in medical magazines.
  • Recognition by scientific community
    • CG 210 presented in major international hair science congresses.
  • Used internationally
    • Available in Europe, Japan and South America.
  • Hypoallergenic and paraben free
  • Easy to use
  • Available in 2 fragrances: - Men (mint) - Women (berry)

4 Combined Hair Benefits

  1. Hair shedding back to normal level within 44 days.
    • In 44 days your hair shedding decreases to a normal level. You hair cycle starts to normalize. 73% of users reported first results after 28 days.
  2. Hair diameter increased >37% versus placebo.
    • Your hair grows thicker as it stays attached longer to your scalp. 63% of users reported having thicker hair after 56 days of use.
  3. Scalp collagen increased by 79.9% after 4 months.
    • Your hair gets healthier thanks to CG 210’s effect on scalp collagen. 83% of users reported that their hair was in good health after 56 days of use.
  4. Promotes new healthy hair within 3 months.
    • Your hair cycle is normalized. 81% of users were satisfied after 56 days of use.

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