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Harga Minyak Malaysia Petrol Price Ron 95: RM2.16, 97: RM2.43 & Diesel: RM2.08 6 - 12 April 2017

KPDNKK Harga Minyak Mingguan

Senarai Terkini Harga Petrol Malaysia Weekly Petrol Price Latest Weekly Update (6 - 12 April 2017)

Latest Malaysia Petrol Prices for RON95, RON97, Diesel & Euro 5

Harga Petrol Malaysia RON 97 Price


Harga Petrol Malaysia RON 95 Price


Harga Petrol Malaysia Diesel Price


These latest weekly petrol prices are applicable at all Petronas / Shell / Petron / BHP / Caltex petrol stations in Malaysia.


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