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Public Bank Zero Fee Interbank Giro (IBG) & Instant Transfer (IBFT) Promotion 15 July - 15 October 2016

Public Bank Zero Fees Interbank Giro (IBG) and Instant Transfer (IBFT) Promo

Public Bank Zero Fee Interbank Giro (IBG) and Instant Transfer (IBFT) Promotion

Enjoy zero fee when you use Interbank Giro (IBG) and Instant Transfer (IBFT) via PBe and PB engage mobile app.

Promotion Period: 15 July - 15 October 2016

Terms & Conditions

1. Campaign

1.1 “Enjoy Zero Fee for Interbank GIRO and Instant Transfer with PBe and PB engage” promotion campaign by Public Bank Berhad (6463-H) (“Campaign”) will commence from 15 July 2016 to 15 October 2016, both dates inclusive (“Campaign Period”) unless otherwise notified. Public Bank Berhad (“PBB”) reserves the right to change the duration of the Campaign Period and/or the commencement date and/or the expiry date of the Campaign.

2. Eligibility

2.1 This promotion Campaign is open to all new and existing retail and corporate customer who has registered for PBe and PB engage.
2.2 By participating in this Campaign, the customer:-
2.2.1 Agrees that the existing terms and conditions governing the registration and use of PBe and PB engage shall continue to apply; and
2.2.2 Agrees he/she has read, understood and hereby expressly agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) stated herein and agrees that the decision of PBB shall be final, binding and conclusive. No appeal, correspondence, queries or protests will be entertained.
2.2.3 To access the PBB’s website at at regular time intervals to view the T&C of this Campaign and to ensure that it is up-to-date with any changes.

3. Campaign Period

3.1 The Campaign Period is from 15 July 2016 to 15 October 2016.
3.2 A full week starts on Friday 00:00 and ends on Saturday 23:59.

4. Campaign Mechanics

4.1 All registered PBe and PB engage customers will be entitled to enjoy fee waiver for any IBG and Instant Transfer (“IBFT”) transactions performed for any fund transfer amount regardless of the number of times subject to the daily third party fund transfer limit for the duration of the Campaign Period.
Description/Services - Charges/Fees - GST (6%) - Charges/Fees during Campaign Period
IBG Transactions - RM0.10 per transfer - RM 0.01 - Waived
IBFT Transactions - RM 0.50 per transfer - RM 0.03 - Waived
4.2 PBB shall not be responsible for and does not have any control or whatsoever on the traffic congestion, network or internet connection failure and/or interruptions that may be experienced, caused by the respective telecommunications service provider (“Telco”) resulting in the delay of fund transfer via IBG and IBFT during the Campaign Period.
4.3 Customers may download the PB engage App for free only from Apple App Store or Google Play Store via their mobile.

5. PBB’s Rights

5.1 PBB reserves the right to amend, delete or add to any of these T&C from time to time upon giving the customer 21days prior written notice at PBB’s website and such amendment, deletion or addition shall take effect on such date as PBB may determine.


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