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Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet Adult: RM38.05 & Child / Senior Citizen: RM18.97 Until 24 June 2017

Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet Menu Rice Meal Sushi Item Choice

Sushi King Malaysia Ramadhan Buffet Dinner Menu Item Choices: Rice Meal, Sushi, Beverages & Desserts

Break fast with a different taste at Malaysia’s Largest Halal Japanese Restaurant Chain, Sushi King. Enjoy countless delights ranging from Sushi, Donburi, Beverages and Desserts prepared especially for you and your family.

27th May onwards (West Malaysia) & 5th June onwards (East Malaysia)
  • Member Price:
    • Adult: RM35.90 + RM2.15(GST) = RM38.05
    • Child / Senior Citizen: RM17.90 + RM1.07(GST) = RM18.97
  • Non-Member Price: [Please refer to Harga Runtuh's Pro Tip below on why you should join as member for FREE and pay the member price instead]
    • Adult: RM39.90 + RM2.39(GST) = RM42.29
    • Child / Senior Citizen: RM19.90 + RM1.19(GST) = RM21.09

Items Available for Sushi King Ramadan Dinner Buffet

▪ Premium Salmon ▪ Ebi Fry Nigiri ▪ Ebi Ten Nigiri ▪ Inari ▪ Surimi Scallop ▪ Tamago ▪ Unagi Slice ▪ Egg Mayo Gunkan ▪ Tori Karaage Gunkan ▪ Tuna Mayo Gunkan ▪ Salmon Nishoku ▪ Tsubukko ▪ Inari Boat Tuna ▪ Kani Tobikko ▪ Salmon Mayo Gunkan ▪ Yakiniku Gunkan ▪ Kanitama Maki ▪ CKT Maki ▪ California Maki ▪ Tuna Mayo Maki ▪ Kanikama Maki ▪ Tamago Maki ▪ Fry Roll ▪ Beef Roll ▪ Gyu Maki ▪ Chicken Cheese Roll ▪

▪ Yakiniku Don ▪ Spicy Yakiniku Don ▪ Tori Karaage Don ▪ Chicken Katsu Don ▪ Ten Don ▪ Chicken Nanban Don ▪ Sakana Black Pepper Don ▪ Chicken Curry ▪ Yakiniku Curry ▪

▪ Chicken Nanban ▪ Yakiniku Tsumami ▪ Tori Karaage ▪ Piri Piri Chicken ▪ Edamame ▪ Chicken Katsu ▪ Rice ▪ Miso Soup ▪ Chigiri Age ▪

▪ Vanilla Ice Cream ▪ Matcha Ice Cream ▪ Hot Green Tea ▪ Ice Green Tea ▪ Ice Honey Lemon Tea ▪ Ice Blackcurrant Lemon ▪

Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet Promo Terms & Conditions

  • The prices shown are subject to 10% Service Charge.
  • The dining session for each dining party is limited to 80 minutes only.
  • Food wastage will be charged at RM10 for every 300 grams or part thereof.
  • Child’s price is valid for children between 90cm to 120cm in height.
  • Senior citizen’s price is valid for those aged 60 years and above (IC/Passport verification required).
  • 1 membership card admits a maximum of 6 persons.
  • Reservations are for same day dining only and will be closed once buffet session begins. Only walk-in reservations with full payment are accepted.
  • Customers are required to arrive on time. All reservations will be released if customers are not present within 15 minutes of the reserved time.
  • Valid for dine-in only. Strictly NO take-away.
  • Only customers paying the Non-Member price will be entitled to use any promotional vouchers.
  • All dishes are subject to availability and subject to change without prior notice.
  • Products shown are for illustration purposes only.
  • The Management reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Harga Runtuh's Pro Tips:
  1. You should sign up as Sushi King member by paying RM20 and get RM20 Sushi King cash voucher (which means the membership fee is effectively FREE).
    • On top of that, you can use this RM20 cash voucher to offset your ramadan buffet dinner member price! 
    • If the outlet does not allow this, please ask the outlet manager to call HQ immediately @ 03-56225339 as Sushi King HQ has confirmed that customers are allowed to use the RM20 membership sign up cash vouchers to pay for ramadan buffet dinner price.
    • If you have any further complication in using the voucher for payment, do not hesitate to inform or contact Sushi King Customer Service Careline at 03-56225339.
  2. There are different sessions (diners enter in batches) available, the first session starts from 5:30PM - 6:50PM, then followed by second session...

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