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Kedai Ayamas Ayam Panggang Whole Roaster RM16.90 (Normal Price: RM23) Every 30th of the Month

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Kedai Ayamas Whole Roasters RM16.90

Kedai Ayamas Ayam Panggang Whole Roaster RM16.90 Monthly Discount Promotion

Eh… nak pergi mana tu? Jangan lupa pergi ke Kedai Ayamas tau… Harga promosi terbaik kami. Cuma RM16.90 untuk seekor ayam panggang! #Ayamas

Hello everyone! The RM16.90 is back! See you on 30th every month! #Ayamas

Jangan lupa hujung bulan ini! Jom ke Kedai Ayamas. Tag kawan-kawan atau keluarga anda!
Kedai Ayamas Roasters Monthly Discount Promo

Kedai Ayamas Ayam Panggang Whole Roaster Discount Offer Price

  • Normal Price: RM23.00
  • Every 15th of the month RM19.00
  • Every 30th of the month RM16.90

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