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Kedai Ayamas Whole Roaster RM16.90 (Normal Price: RM23) Every 30th of the Month

Ayam Panggang Kedai Ayamas Monthly Discount Promo

Kedai Ayamas 30th Offer (Every 30th of the month) Ayam Panggang Seekor Monthly Discount Promotion

Everyone is willing to keep themselves hungry to satisfy their cravings for Ayamas whole roasters at only RM16.90. YES you heard that right, RM16.90! Now you can save more with Ayamas on the 30th of every month.

Promotion Start Date: 2017-03-30

Peringatan! Jangan lupa temujanji korang dengan Ayamas Khamis ini (30 Mac)! Cuma RM16.90!

Pasti ramai yang sanggup berlapar demi nak mengisi perut dengan ayam panggang Ayamas yang berharga RM16.90 seekor. Ya seekor cuma RM16.90! Kini anda lebih jimat dengan Ayamas pada setiap 30 haribulan setiap bulan.

Ayamas Whole Roaster Chicken Selection

  • Golden Roaster Whole Normal Price: RM23.00​ 
    • Marinated in honey, for that authentic Ayamas roaster flavour.
  • Percik Roaster Whole Normal Price: RM23.00 
    • A roaster noted for its unique aromatic coconut and lemon grass flavour.
  • Pepper Roaster Whole Normal Price: RM23.00​ 
    • A roaster specially developed for all those black pepper lovers.

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