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Uber Malaysia RM0.99 Flat Fares for UberX Rides Under 4KM @ Klang Valley Until 5 March 2017

Uber Malaysia 99 sen Flat Fares UberX Rides

Uber Malaysia UberX Rides < 4KM for 99 Sen Flat Fares (No Promo Code Needed)

KL, here’s something for you to enjoy: 99 sen flat fare, all day, every day for all those short trips around the city until 5 March 2017. Enjoying your 99 sen rides? Share this post to keep riding for 99 sen! If this post gets 1,000 shares the promo will be extended for 1 week, and if it gets 2,000 shares, we’ll extend it for 2 more weeks! #99senjebro
Uber Malaysia UberX Rides RM0.99 Promo
KL, you might have 99 problems but a ride ain’t one! Here’s something to go absolutely nuts over – enjoy 99 sen flat fares, all day, every day, for all those short trips around the city! Getting around town has never been this affordable.

Don’t have cash on hand to pay for parking? Stuck at the station without a ride home? Rushing for an early morning meeting? For three weeks, from Monday, 13 February 2017, you can forget about these problems and ride for only 99 sen!

Remember the price you see before you request is the price you’ll pay, no promo codes needed!

Uber Malaysia UberX Rides Discount Promo Terms & Conditions

  1. The RM0.99 rides promo is valid until 5 March 2017, on uberX only.
  2. RM0.99 fare applies for both cash and credit card trips. However, for cash trips, your fare will be rounded up to the nearest Ringgit (RM1).
  3. RM0.99 rides only apply for trips under 4 km in Klang Valley only. Not valid for scheduled rides.
  4. Not valid for rides between KLIA and KLIA2.
  5. During unexpected heavy or standstill traffic, the fare will revert to the usual time + distance calculation. For more information on our regular fares please click here.
  6. RM0.99 still applies during peak hours where other fares may be higher than usual.
  7. RM0.99 will not apply if you make multiple stops (or if the trip destination is changed), even if the distance travelled is below 4 km.
  8. The RM0.99 flat fare is calculated based on estimated distance and not actual distance.

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