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Free YouTube Kids Android & iOS App with Parental Controls for Family-friendly Videos

Free YouTube Kids Android iOS App

Free YouTube Kids Android iOS App with Parental Controls

Dive into a world of discovery, learning, and fun

YouTube Kids gives your family an easy way to watch their favorite shows, or explore anything that captures their imagination. It’s free, simple to use, and full of family-friendly videos.

YouTube Kids. Made for curious little minds.

Important information for Parents about YouTube Kids

We built the YouTube Kids app with a younger audience in mind. It provides a safer version of YouTube, including both popular children’s videos and diverse new content, in a way that is easy for kids to use and highly visual. Before your child gets started, there are a few things we want to make sure you understand:

How are videos available in YouTube Kids selected?

YouTube Kids uses filters powered by algorithms to select videos from YouTube.  We continually work hard to make our algorithms as accurate as possible in order to provide you with a safer version of YouTube. However, no algorithm is perfect. This means your child might find content you don’t want him or her to watch. If this happens, please flag the video -- we use these flags to improve the app for everyone.  Also, there are tools and settings described below that you can use to further control your child’s experience.

How does a child discover videos in YouTube Kids?

Videos in YouTube Kids can be discovered in several ways:
  • Turn search on: Turning Search on allows your child to find and watch millions of videos available in YouTube Kids. These videos are available in the app after being selected by an algorithm trained to return relevant and appropriate results. Videos available through search are not subject to human review. 
  • Turn search off: You can turn Search off if you prefer to  restrict your child’s experience to a more limited set of videos. With search off, your child can’t search for new content but they can watch videos on the home screen, which includes videos selected by the app, and those the app recommends based on what they’ve watched. 
    • Videos selected by the app on the homescreen are grouped in four categories (“Shows,” “Music,” “Learning” and “Explore”). These videos are selected by the app using a mix of automated systems and some human review, and may be ranked by our systems based on what your child has watched or searched. These videos represent only a subset of the millions of videos available in YouTube Kids.   
    • Recommended videos are selected by our algorithm without human review.  Recommended videos, which show both when Search is on or off, will be generally presented as an additional category on the home screen after multiple videos have been watched in YouTube Kids. Recommended videos may also appear in the four categories of videos on the home screen and as suggestions for your child to watch, after they’ve watched videos on the home screen or they’ve searched for a video.  Recommended videos are based on what has been watched or searched in the app and always draw from the complete set of videos that are available in YouTube Kids. 
    • Watch it again allows your child to choose from videos previously watched in the app.
    • Reset Recommended videos and Watch it again videos by clearing the app’s history in parental settings. When you turn search off, the app will automatically clear your watch and search history and reset Recommended and Watch it again videos. When you turn off search, recommended videos will be based only on videos watched after search was turned off. If you turn on Pause history in parental settings, you will stop the app from using new videos you watch or terms you search for as signals for Recommended videos and Watch it again, while history is paused. 

What parental controls are available in YouTube Kids?

We’ve included features for you to tailor the YouTube Kids experience. You can set a timer to limit how much time a child spends on the app. Other controls include turning off search, clearing history,  pausing history, and other features. Learn more about parental controls and settings.

What kinds of advertising or commercials appear in YouTube Kids?

  • We allow limited paid advertisements (“Paid Ads”) in the app so that we can offer it for free. When your child plays a video in the app, your child may see a Paid Ad, which would be marked with “Ad” and preceded by an ad intro. These Paid Ads must follow our advertising policies, which for example exclude certain categories like food and beverages. Learn more about Ads in YouTube Kids and our advertising policies.
  • Videos uploaded by users are not Paid Ads so they are not subject to our advertising policies regardless of the nature of the content. Users often upload commercials and other promotional materials to their YouTube channels, and these videos may appear in the app. For example, a search for cookies may show a television commercial from a cookie company a on user’s channel  -- we would not consider this video a Paid Ad and it would not be subject to our advertising policies, which disallow Paid Ads for food. 
  • If you would like to watch videos free of paid ads with your child, try the YouTube Kids App with YouTube Red.
Download link: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

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