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Giant Hypermarkets Ramadan Discount Promotion 2 - 15 June 2016

Giant Malaysia Hypermarkets Ramadan Discount Promotions

Giant Malaysia Hypermarket Ramadan Discount Promotions

Jimat Berganda Di Bulan Mulia!. Valid at Giant stores in Peninsular Malaysia only. Promotion starts from 2 - 15 Jun 2016.
  1. NESTLE Bliss 0% Fat Yogurt Drinks 700g (Assorted) 2 For N.P. RM10.38 RM7.49 Save RM2.89
  2. PRAN Mango Juice 3 x 1 lit N.P. RM12.99 RM10.00 Save RM2.00
  3. GOODDAY Milk 1 lit (Assorted) 2 For N.P. RM15.24 RM11.99 Save RM3.25
  4. CALPIS Cultured Milk 1 lit (Original/Mango) 2 For N.P. RM11.18 RM9.99 Save RM1.19
  5. FARMCOWS Butter 250g 2 For N.P. RM12.87 RM6.59 Save RM6.28
  6. LO SAM Cincau Manis 280g 2 For N.P. RM2.74 RM1.99 Save RM0.70
  7. MARIGOLD Peel Fresh Juice 2 lit (Assorted) N.P. RM8.14 RM7.29 Save RM0.85
  8. MARIGOLD Fat Free Yogurt 135g (Assorted) 4 For N.P. RM7.84 RM5.89 Save RM1.95
  9. FITRAH Minuman Cincau Segar 1.5 lit N.P. RM5.29 RM4.00 Save RM0.30
  10. COCOMAX 100% Coconut Water 500ml N.P. RM5.29 RM3.99 Save RM1.30
  11. NESCAFE Menu White Coffee/3-in-1 Gold 15 x (20g - 36g) (Assorted) N.P. RM14.63 - RM15.36 RM11.99 Save Up To RM3.37
  12. MAGGI Hot Cup (6+2) x (58g - 63g) (Curry/Chicken) N.P. RM10.01 RM7.89 Save RM2.12
  13. KIT KAT 2 Finger Sharebag (12 + 2) x 17g N.P. RM12.69 RM9.99 Save RM2.70
  14. MILO Nuggets 10 x 15g N.P. RM9.99 RM8.99 Save RM1.00
  15. JACK N' JILL Piattos 45g (BBQ Curry/Chilli Cheese) N.P. RM1.39 RM0.99 Save RM0.40
  16. DAHFA Dried Fish Fillet 120g N.P. RM7.83 RM6.99 Save RM0.84
  17. KOW KOW Roasted Peanut 40g/50g (Assorted) N.P. RM1.37 RM0.79 each Save RM0.58
  18. JULIE's Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookies 126g - 170g (Assorted) 2 For RM11.99
  19. TIGER Biscuits 175g/198g (Assorted) N.P. RM2.89 RM1.99 Save RM0.90
  20. MAMEE MONSTER Family Pack Snacks 10 x 25g (Assorted) N.P. RM3.55 RM3.19 Save RM0.36
  21. VITAGEN Cultured Milk Twin Pack 5 x 125ml N.P. RM8.45 RM7.99 Save RM0.46
  22. BEGA Cheese 500g (Super Slice/Super Slim) N.P. RM18.24 - RM 18.35 RM16.99 Save Up To RM1.36
  23. LAUGHING COW Butter 120g - 140g (Assorted) N.P. RM9.11 RM7.99 each Save RM1.12
  24. NATUREL Margarine 500g (Assorted) N.P. RM9.89 RM8.29 each Save RM1.60
  25. ANCHOR Butter 227g (Salted/Unsalted) 2 For N.P. RM18.96 RM14.59 Save RM4.37
  26. CHEONG FATT Taufu Lembut 300g 2 For N.P. RM2.74 RM1.99 Save RM0.75
  27. KHALIS Santan Sawit 1kg N.P. RM7.99 RM6.99 Save RM1.00
  28. GIANT Grade C Eggs 10pcs N.P. RM3.39 RM2.99 Save RM0.40
  29. NESCAFE Canned Drink 240ml 3 For N.P. RM6.15 RM4.99 Save RM1.16
  30. NESCAFE Classic 200g N.P. RM16.99 RM15.99 Save RM1.00

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